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Best Seafood Restaurant in Charleston

Best Seafood Restaurant in Charleston for 18 Consecutive Years

Great food and a charming ambiance can only equal an extraordinary dining experience! Hank’s Seafood Restaurant is located in a turn-of-the-century warehouse overlooking the Charleston City Market. Hank’s Seafood has been beautifully renovated to an ambiance that reflects Charleston’s port history and family roots… This restaurant recreates a Classic Charleston Fish House with an old fashioned saloon-style bar and an exhibition raw bar.

During this holiday season, Hank’s has special menus and hours.

Come by & relax, have an extraordinary meal & relive some Charleston history.

“Hugely popular with locals and visitors alike… Hank’s is undoubtedly one of Charleston’s most upscale seafood options, and one of the city’s classic options for a warm, enjoyable night out.”

Good Catch Program

As a partner of the South Carolina Aquarium’s Good Catch Program, we have committed to serve you a higher percentage of local, sustainable seafood whenever possible. Next time you are at Hank’s Seafood, ask your server for our local sustainably caught items.

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10 Hayne Street
Charleston, SC 29401